Caring for Your Prized Possessions

When our customers ask us to store their possessions, we consider them to be prized, sometimes personal, items. We cannot do enough to ensure we return them in exactly the same condition in which we received them.
At A-American Moving Company, we use a triple cross-referencing system to accurately log all items in our care. Every customer has a customer file number, a lot number and a pallet number.

As shipments move out of our storage facility, our cross-reference log is updated with the ‘shipped out’ date and the work order number. Storage records and logs are locked away each evening in a fireproof filing cabinet.

The Warehouse is Ship Shape

A-American movers are methodical movers and our warehouse personnel are just as picky when it comes to storing items. Our storage units and warehouses, which are swept daily, are clean and orderly.

We don’t leave shipments in the aisles. We certainly don’t leave them on the docks. When they are received, shipments are put away immediately.

We keep commercial and household storage items separate and all storage items are protected with warehouse pads. All our crating supplies and packing operations are completed in a separate area of the main warehouse.

All local and federal government regulations are followed in stack heights, aisle space, wall clearances, fire extinguishers, sprinkler and heating clearances and fire doors. On-going care is maintained for pest control to eliminate damage or risk from moths, vermin, rodents, etc.

You Can’t be Just Anyone

Although customers are welcome to retrieve portions or all of their storage items (we only need a little bit of notice), you can’t be just anyone to get into our facility. We have strong, non-negotiable contracts with all our customers to ensure their possessions are protected. We will only release items to the shipper or consignee as indicated on the Bill of Lading and Warehouse Receipts.

When portions of stored items are requested for delivery, an access report is completed indicating what items were requested and when they were released. The customer must sign this report. Our storage log is then updated and the work order number entered into our cross-referenced logging system.

Long-Term Storage

No matter how long we store your articles, they will be properly protected and cared for. A-American Moving Company only uses clean wooden containers in excellent condition for storage and our warehouse is secure, temperature and humidity controlled. Our facilities are government-approved.