Moving Tipps

Suggestions for a successful move

Please put money, jewelry, and small items of exceptional value in your pocket before the movers arrive.   These items can slip out of the top of drawers during handling and lodge in crevices of the furniture.   Keys, remote controls, check books and other items you may need should also be located before the movers arrive and taken with you so that they do not get packed.

Desks will have to be turned on their side to pass through doorways, and tables with delicate legs will be turned on their tops to protect them.   Remove small items that will spill out of the drawers.

Items normally kept in dressers can be left in them. Our movers are very strong and can handle the furniture.   The lady who had a fifty-year supply of National Geographics stored in her dresser was an exception.   Don’t laugh, this did happen.

Allow eight to ten hours to drain a water bed with the supplied siphon.   Electrical pumps for this purpose can be obtained from rental stores and are much faster.

Cartons should be strong, have tops and be sealed.   Open-top cartons will not stack well, and the contents could be crushed.   Remember that we are not responsible for the contents of cartons that we do not pack.

Label all cartons as to which room they go.   Have someone who knows where everything goes stand by the front door of the destination to direct the movers as they enter.

If you wish to save money and have the move go faster, consider the following:

Unhook appliances, wind up electrical cords and secure with rubber bands, and unhook stereo and vcr equipment.   You may need to make a diagram of stereo and vcr hookups for later assembly.   Head and foot boards can be removed from beds.   Remove shelves from bookcases.   Remove mirrors from dressers and chests.   Put hardware in individual sealed envelopes marked with where they came from. Take the envelopes with you so that can find them.   Take lampshades off lamps and move the shades yourself if you can.

If you have access to a station wagon or a pickup truck, you can move garden tools, bicycles, lawn mowers, skis, etc. yourself without hurting them.   We must carefully pad these so that they can be packed next to furniture in the truck.   This takes time.

You and your friends are welcome to bring items from the house and put them along the side the truck if you wish, and to take them from the ground once they are off of the truck.   You are not allowed on the truck, and placing items on the truck could interfere and slow down the move, since the packer will need to select individual items to pack the truck properly.   Naturally, the movers can not be responsible for items damaged by your handling of them.

In general, be prepared for the move.   Strive for a situation where the movers can walk in, pick up a piece and walk out.   The movers will do whatever is necessary to complete your move, but the less time we spend disassembling furniture the faster the move will go, the less it will cost, and the sooner you will be settled in your new home.

All of us at A-American Moving Company are working hard to ensure that you have a successful stress-free move.   We hope that you enjoy your new home.   Please tell your friends of your experience with A-American Moving Company.  We appreciate the recommendations.