Choosing A Mover

Selecting a Moving Company

Many people choose moving companies based on price, and we are very competitive on price. However, there are a number of other factors to consider when you make your choice…


Do you know anyone who has used a given mover? Many of our customers have sought us out because of the recommendation of their friends and relatives.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB is a private organization that attempts to mediate disagreements between businesses and consumers. They can be a good resource to measure a moving company’s reputation. The BBB can be contacted to find out how many complaints have been filed regarding the company, and how those complaints have been responded to. We have the BBB’s best rating.


A licensed mover is sanctioned by certain state or federal agencies, and has basic qualifications for operating a moving company. State agencies regulate local moves, while the federal Department of Transportation (D.O.T.)regulates interstate moves. A mover should be able to provide a number, either in its advertisement or over the phone, that certifies that it is licensed. Our State license number is: ICC#114970MC and our interstate license number is: DOT#MC314407C


A low price is no bargain if your treasured possessions are not insured. Licensed movers are required to provide standard liability coverage at no additional cost. Additional coverage can be arranged.

Workman’s Compensation

Licensed movers are also required to have workman’s compensation insurance for their movers. Failure to hire a company with this insurance could mean liability on your part for injuries a mover suffers on the job.


Questions to Ask

When you inquire about local moving with moving companies, make sure you get all the appropriate information and compare at least a few different estimates. Ask about the following topics:


For local moves all movers charge per hour. The hourly rate is determined by the number of movers and trucks that the job requires. Your A-American representative will determine the appropriate number of trucks (usually only one) and movers based on the circumstances of the move. He will then apply the correct rate and estimate the number of hours for your move.

Travel time:

Every local move has travel time. Travel time will be one-half hour if your move is within the city of Chicago, and one hour if the move is outside of the city  (note that the time to drive from your old location to your new location is not travel time, but rather part of the move).  Please remember that we do not actually “clock” the travel time, but rather charge a standard time depending on what town(s) you are moving from and to.

Minimum hours:

For any local move we have a two hour minimum charge. This means that any move that is less than two hours (excluding travel time) will incur the minimum two hour fee.

Extra charges:

Many companies have extra charges for unexpected scenarios and events. Often times it is not until move day that the customer is aware of these costs. At A-American, our only charges in addition to the hourly rates are for boxes and packing materials.

Estimated hours:

Note that for a local move all movers are required by statute to charge the customer for the actual hours worked (no matter what the original estimate was). For this reason you should always be cautious of underestimated moving times and you should never choose a mover based solely on the number of hours estimated. Underestimating moves is a common ploy of some movers to capitalize on the “wishful thinking” of consumers. It often leads to disappointment, frustration, and regret on the part of the customer when the move exceeds the estimated hours.